Grandeprairie Funerals Expert – Alia Paetkau

Plan a One Of A Kind Funeral. Part 4 of 6

Oliver’s believes in the importance of personalizing a service to beautifully reflect the life and personality of your loved one. In this six-part series we will share some of the services and specialty items we provide to families to honor their loved one.

A personalized funeral service touches friends and families and celebrates a life well-lived. We at Oliver’s are pleased to help families plan a meaningful life celebration.

We work with you to create a service that truly reflects your loved one’s special qualities. That is our promise to you.

Customized Memorial Cards

The Memorial Card handed to friends and family as they enter the service provides an easy opportunity to personalize the experience. Use the Memorial Card to display words of wisdom, photographs and/or special memories and stories of the deceased. At Oliver’s we design and print all of the memorial cards and other related stationary. Please be in touch – we’d be happy to help you fulfill all your printing requirements creatively and competently.

Fondest Memory Cards

A classic way to remember your loved one is to ask friends and families to share memories. Attendees can write them down in a collective book or on notecards to be collected. Each writer could also read their memories aloud as a part of the service. We at Oliver’s will assist with creating and printing a one-of-kind personalized card
and ensure all of the family and guests receive one.

Balloons, Doves or Butterflies

An enchanting addition to a service is the release of balloons, doves or butterflies. Balloons can be released with personal information imprinted on them or with something personal attached to them. We at Oliver’s have contacts with various local businesses that are available to help provide these services.

Next month, we will explore ideas how to honor our fallen heroes – our Veterans and how to remember a loved one who had a “green-thumb”.

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