Medicine Hat Indoor Gun Range Expert – Rocky Rutledge

Public ranges vary incredibly in terms of quality and equipment, but there are a few universal rules that all shooters should abide by when shooting at a public facility. Here are the Gun Range Dos and Don’ts.

Do know the range rules before you go. The reason it’s good to know the range rules in advance is so you don’t show up at a range with a bunch of guns you can’t shoot, or ammo you’re not allowed to use.

Don’t leave a mess. Make sure to clean up after yourself when you’re done shooting. It might seem like a small ordeal, but leaving your mess for someone else to clean up is frustrating for the next person.

Do be courteous of other shooters. If someone is actively shooting, don’t tap them on the shoulder or try to talk to them.

Don’t eat on the range. Hands touch guns and ammo. Hands get lead. Hands touch food. Food gets lead. Lead goes into body. Blood lead level increases. That’s a pretty bad thing.

It’s easier to drink water while shooting, but eating food can be a problem.