Lethbridge Dr. Lee Brewerton, MD, FRCPC Diplo mate of the American Board of Radiology Musculoskeletal Fellow Mayo Clinic

Advantages of our NEW 3 Tesla MRI:

  • Twice the strength of 1.5 Tesla magnets
  • Higher image quality
  • Extensive list of exams available
  • Up to 99% quieter than older scanners
  • Large 70cm bore may reduce claustrophobia
  • 550lb table weight capacity
  • Contrast enhanced studies available

Disadvantages of traditional MRI:

  • Lower field strength
  • Lower image quality
  • Some providers offer limited exams
  • May be uncomfortably loud
  • Bores of 60cm or less may increase claustrophobia
  • Table weight capacity is typically 350lbs or less
  • Contrast enhanced studies may not be available.

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