Lethbridge Wine & Beer Maker -Shelley Doucette

I frequently get asked:  What is the latest possible date to set a wine kit to have it ready for Christmas?

Wine kits are based on the time it takes to complete the process and get it bottled. Your wine will be very palatable soon after you bottle, particularly if you decant the wine for an hour or two before serving. As the wine ages in the bottle, you will be excited to find how the wine softens and matures.

The wines made from a kit, are really, really young when they see a bottle. During their first weeks to months these -just bottled- wines will taste a little harsh with an unbalanced acidity. A little sharp all over and with under developed fruitiness and aromas.

The countdown for bottling week being December 18-23rd

  • Last week to set a 6 week kit is November 6-11th
  • Last week to set a 5 week kit is November 13-18th
  • Last week to set a 4 week kit is November 20-25th

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