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Chest Freezers vs. Upright Freezers

Chest Freezers: (Come in a variety of sizes, 5 CU FT and normally up to 22 CU FT Capacity)

Options to be aware of:

Drain plugs for defrosting, number of baskets and how the are organized in the unit, number of dividers, lid handle and lock, thermostat control, warning lights or buzzer, and interior light.

Considerations on chest freezers:

Cold air always goes down or stays down, so when you life the lid, there is no cold air escaping that has to be replaced. The fuller you keep the freezer, the less the compressor runs (saving wear and tear), and the less electricity used. It’s hard to get food in the bottom and sometimes with a full freezer, we forget what is down there. If left too long, freezer burn can occur which can mean a loss of food.

Upright Freezers:

Options to be aware of:

Glass or wire shelving, frost free or standard defrost, up front controls, efficiency of lighting, door lock, bottom baskets and door storage.

Considerations for upright freezers:

Open the door and cold air rushes out and replaced with room temperature, high humidity air which promotes frost and the need for the compressor to kick in more often in upright freezers. In the frost free models, it is recommended that food be double wrapped to prevent moisture from being sucked out of frozen food. If food is being rotated very quickly, double wrapping is not necessary. The real benefits for buying an upright freezer, are that they take up way less floor square footage and the food in the freezer can be very easily organized and accessible.

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