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Overcome Classroom Shyness and Get Better Grades

Classroom participation is an easy way for students to get extra marks; however, for many students, participating in the classroom is risky business. Raising a hand and offering a comment or asking a question can attract attention, and students run the risk of being wrong or even ridiculed in front of the class.

“Many students lack confidence in their learning abilities and don’t want to draw attention to themselves in the classroom,” said Dr. Nick Whitehead, founder and CEO of Oxford Learning Centres, Inc.

Still, for shy students, putting up their hands in class is a risk worth taking. With over twenty students in the average classroom, it can be easy to be overlooked by teachers.

“Students don’t always have to know the right answer to be engaged in the classroom. By raising their hands in class, students let teachers know that they are paying attention and thinking about the lesson,” said Dr. Whitehead.

According to Dr. Whitehead, improved classroom participation leads to active thinking, which helps improve confidence, which helps students overcome classroom shyness.

“Whether students are called on or not, or if they know the answer or not, students should be raising their hand in class, “ said. Dr. Whitehead.  “This helps even the shyest student engage their brain and gain a better understanding of the subject matter. When students are confident about their learning, what is there to be shy about?”

For over 25 years, Oxford Learning has been helping students of all ages develop better school habits.  Whether it is goal setting, reading comprehension, math skills, or homework help, Oxford Learning’s programs help.

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