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Capturing Everlasting Memories

Anyone can take a photo, we want to leave a lasting impression. Our goal is to frame the essence of the ‘diversity of life’ all around the world by collaborating with different ethnic cultures and traditions. Therefore, our clientele is spread across worldwide.

Midda Productions is “An Elite Wedding Photography & Cinematic Films Venture”, founded in 2011 in Vancouver, Canada, by a passionate photographer & director Amit Midda. With the background of theater and a passionate love for photography and cinema, he decided to quit his solid career in IT space to follow his dream venture full time.

Our team of Professional Photographers & Cinematic Film Makers offer a unique signature style of Photography & Videography. We pride themselves in capturing every minute detail of the event as our work is a combination of talent, vision, creativity, followed by hard work and diverse experience. An experience that encompasses a wide spectrum of events. From concerts to organized charity events, from ethnic to celebrity weddings, we have managed to envelop it all under our umbrella. Hence, we feel humble and grateful for having been able to cover about 350+ wedding assignments across multiple geographies, cultures and nationalities.

Since the beginning, our focus has been dedicated to “capturing everlasting memories” for our clients and we hope to continue doing so for the years to come.

Our beautiful studios welcomes you to view our work and discuss a tailor made package to suit your exact service and product requirements. We specialise in ‘Tailor-made’ packages to meet your exact needs, style and budget.

Come and see us! A obligation free, personal consultation and a delicious cup of coffee will be a nice inspirational visit.

10 Wedding Tips

Over past few years I have photographed a lot of weddings, and I thought I’d take those learnings and create a top 10 wedding tips list. Obviously everyone will have their own experiences and opinions, but without further ado, here are mine, in no particular order (mainly because I’m tired of putting things in order at the moment).

Make a timeline for your wedding day.

We all make lists for the things you will do or what will happen on your wedding day. Majority of the time what happens is that we often forget to make a final timeline. It can become very helpful for your photographer, videographer, and makeup artist and of course you in the long run (or your sister or cousin who is in charge of everything). Make a timeline for the entire day and include “Locations” if you have multiple locations. Email it to all your wedding vendors at least a day before your big day.

Do pre-wedding photo-shoot.

Trust me, this helps a lot. Not everyone has fantastic modeling skills after all. An indoor or outdoor pre-wedding or engagement photoshoot with your wedding photographer will not only build up your confidence level in front of the camera, but will also give you a chance to get to know your photographer better.

Get enough sleep.

Get to bed at a decent hour the night before, so you can be at your best. For this reason it’s wise to plan pre wedding parties like Mehndi, ladies sangeet etc. at least a day before your wedding.

Give yourself plenty of time to get ready.

You want to be able to relax and have a good time with your bridesmaids, not stress over whether you’ll finish on time.

Don’t be a “perfectionist”.

Not every single thing needs to be perfect. In fact the “not-so-perfect” things sometimes come out perfect. Just try to plan everything ahead and be yourself.

Include cake cutting ceremony on your entrance.

Cut the cake when you enter for your reception. This ensures that all guests see the cake being cut and allows the bride and groom to have fewer obligations throughout the night.

Share something personal and unique with your guests.

I have seen this in so many weddings that bride and groom give small gifts to their guests. I think this is the best way to thank your guests for taking out time to come to your wedding. This does not have to be expensive or elaborate. Create something unique and personable and distribute them among your guests.

Prioritize, prioritize, prioritize.

It’s your wedding and you have all the freedom to enjoy your day, but prioritize what is important. For example get your family photos and portraits done before the drinking and dancing begins, especially photos with the groom and your closest bunch.

Trust your photographer.

Trust your photographer unless you are hiring an amateur photographer such as your sibling. Hire a professional wedding photographer. It may cost you more in the end but it’s totally worth it. Trust his/her opinions and let them do their job.

Have fun.

Finally, just have fun and make sure your spouse is also having fun. This is your special day so you both should be feeling special not just your guests. Don’t try to please everyone, as you can’t keep everybody happy.

Bonus tip:

Stay hydrated!!!

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