Lethbridge Plumbing Expert – Ayrton Neudorf

Plumbing Renovations

Neudorf Plumbing & Heating in Lethbridge is capable of handling small and large renovation projects for new and old homes, upgrading any plumbing and heating needs. We have qualified staff and professional knowledge to help you select the perfect fixtures to suit your budget and lifestyle. When it’s time to renovate you can feel at ease knowing that our staff can give you professional products, personalized service and quality workmanship that every homebuilder and homeowner deserves.Whatever your plumbing and heating needs are, call Neudorf today! Your Next Big Purchase Just Became More Affordable! Neudorf Plumbing and Heating has partnered with Financeit to offer you an affordable monthly payment option for your purchase. Questions?  Contact us. For all the staff at Neudorf, Merry Christmas!

403-328-2533, 3404 12th Avenue North