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Real Estate and Climate Change in Lethbridge

It’s very true that Real Estate sales tend to slow right down during the winter months of December and January. But if you’re in the market, there are a couple scenarios you may wish to consider at this time of year.

October 2017 was slow for sales and was beginning to approach a Buyer’s market in Lethbridge, however this seemed to turn around somewhat for November.  This may lift seller’s confidence a bit, causing vendors to hold prices through December. Mid-December through the end of January likely will see sales volumes decrease seasonally with vendors allowing prices to soften.  This leads to fewer vendors deciding to have their properties on the market at this time, meaning supply decreases, strengthening prices as spring approaches. Investors should be on the look out to make a move at this time of year, if the property with the right features for you becomes available. Sellers will do well to consider the type of property they have to sell. This may be the right time to attract investors looking for revenue property, however, fewer families are looking to move at this time of year. Both Buyers and Sellers who are moving locations will have to consider where they are moving from or to.  Lethbridge’s seasonal market fluctuations may be quite small compared to where you are going to or coming from.  Selling in a lower time in Lethbridge, may save you a bundle if you’re going to Calgary during a time of lower prices, for instance.  It’s a very good idea to discuss your particular situation with your REALTOR® to take advantage of good timing or avoid a poor climate if possible.If you are thinking about buying or selling this season, I’d love to discuss the current market trends, whether real estate climate change is real, and your situation with you to help you make the Right Choice!

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