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How does one “handle the holidays” after the death of a loved one?

Good question – Celebrating Christmas after a death in the family can be a difficult time of the year. The Christmas season is recognized as a time of peace and hope, and a time to be joyous with family and friends. For many, it is also a time which brings back memories of happy times spent with loved ones now gone.  How does one get through the holidays?  Here is some advice the Experts® suggest:

  1. Keep in perspective that Christmas is really an ordinary day like any other day
  2. Remember emotions change, we will not stay sad forever
  3. Prepare for the event – decide what you can handle and what you can’t – let others know
  4. Do something totally different
  5. Do something good for someone else
  6. Be prepared for memories, and sadness may accompany those memories
  7. Remember the time leading up to Christmas can actually be harder than the day itself
  8. Be open to your grief at Christmas, but also be open to its celebrations
  9. Honor your loved one: Attend a memorial candlelight service (Oliver’s hosts one on December 10th)
  10. Re-define your expectations
  11. Focus on memories not on regrets

With the help of family and friends, you will make it through the holiday season, even though it will not be easy. You will come to see that although your love one died, your memories of special times you and your loved one shared are still very much a part of your life.

MERRY CHRISTMAS! from all of us at Oliver’s Funeral Home

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