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How do you prepare your Home for Winter?

As Canadians gear up for the winter months it’s important to take the proper steps to prepare your home. Here are some tips to get your home ready for winter.

Is your smoke alarm and CO2 alarm working properly?

Test the batteries and make sure that the units are still functioning properly and not expired and in need of being replaced. The snow and cold weather is not going to deter a fire in your home.

Test and service your Furnace

Many people shut their furnace off during the summer months and now is the perfect time to change your filters and have your furnace inspected to make sure everything is going to work properly over the winter months.

Take steps to Avoid Ice Damming and Water Damage

Clean out eaves troughs and make sure they are clear of leaves and other forms of debris. This can help eliminate the build up of ice.

Make sure that downspouts are directed away from the house and clear of debris so they do not restrict water flow during warm period when the snow melts.

Do you need to remove the snow load from your roof?

If the need arises to remove snow or ice from your roof do so safely and consider hiring a professional or expert to complete the task.

Is your roof in good enough shape to make it through the winter?

Your roof is a significant part of your home. Missing and damaged shingles can make your roof vulnerable to water leakage and need to be fixed or replaced immediately to prevent further damage. Additional damage can be caused by vents, chimneys or skylights, so make sure these areas are sealed properly. These are just a few ideas that can help prepare your most valuable asset for the winter months, for other suggestions make sure to contact our knowledgeable staff at Broker Age General Insurance.

** NOTE:  The information provided in this blog is of a general nature.  It may not be specific to your particular situation.  We recommend you consult our office for appropriate advice **

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