Grande Prairie Optical Specialist – Marco Keller

“Why are my new lenses scratched? I was told I have a scratch resistant coating.”

There’s a lot of confusion surrounding scratch resistant coatings. The number one misunderstanding is believing your lenses are scratch proof; this simply isn’t true. A scratch resistant coating is applied only to give your lenses a harder surface, which makes your glasses more resistant to scratches. No eyeglass lens material is scratchproof even with a scratch resistant coating.

So what can you do to keep your lenses free from scratches? Follow these simple suggestions:

  • Always place your glasses into your eyeglass case when not being used; avoid placing them in pockets or purses and on furniture.
  • Never dry wipe your lenses. Use an approved spray or warm tap water to wash away dust and other debris first. Stay away from harsh products like Windex that will damage lens coatings like anti scratch and anti glare.
  • Avoid the use of facial tissue and paper towel to wipe your lenses; the wood fibres in those products will leave small scratches behind. Using a microfiber cloth is your best option.
  • Don’t leave your glasses on the dashboard of your vehicle. The heat from the sun can damage your lenses and their protective coatings.
  • Remember rubbing a dry, dusty or dirty lens with a cleaning cloth, towel or shirt will cause scratches.

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