Medicine hat Bra Fitting Expert – Mel Lambert

How to buy a bra as a Gift

The general consensus at BGS Body Shop is that a bra an amazing gift to receive. But we definitely notice that a lot of people don’t think to ask for these items, or don’t know how to give them!

Here are my top tips for giving a Bra as a gift:

  1. Do the research: take a look at the lingerie drawer of the person you’re buying for. Note what sizes, colors and styles they buy most often. Use those as a guideline to buy something in keeping with their personal style.
  2. Ask an Expert®: If the person you’re buying for has several sizes in their drawer, write them all down and bring them to a fitter. Expert bra fitters, like the ones at BGS Body Shop, can also tell you if certain items run large or small, and can give you insight into what’s popular or well-loved, based on customer feedback
  3. When in doubt: Gift Certificates! For some people, picking out a bra is very personal, and despite your best efforts your gift might not be perfect. With a gift certificate, you take the guesswork out of buying a gift, and your recipient can get exactly what they want!

At BGS, we would love to help customers pick out gifts this holiday season, and we can issue gift certificates in any amount!