Medicine Hat Car Expert – Ralph Garnett

Hard to believe another year is on its way out. If November was any indication, we may be looking to a colder than normal Winter. Winter tires have certainly become something everyone is thinking of. They improve even dry traction at temperatures below 0 because they remain more pliable than summer or all season tires. Review & complete seasonal recommended maintenance & you will be ready for whatever mother nature has in store. All the management & staff @ Mobil1 Auto Service & Lube Express would like to thank all of you for your patronage, past present & future. We have enjoyed working with you over the past 11 years and look forward to seeing each of you in the new year. We offer maintenance & full system Diagnostics & Repair on more than 30 makes of Domestic, Asian and European Vehicles. Both Gas and Diesel.  Factory Approved Maintenance & Programming.

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Tip of the Month – Do I have to plug my vehicle in?

Most modern vehicle, if maintained, can start in extreme temperatures. That is not to say that it is not doing them any harm. Studies suggest that fully 30% of all engine wear occurs in the first 30-60 seconds after a cold start. Your engine is running with metal-metal contact on moving parts until it can pump oil & lubricate all the moving parts. Synthetic oils help, but at -10 & lower, plugging it in for even a couple of hours before starting (on a timer), will reduce engine & transmission wear as well as make for less scraping & a more comfortable, fuel efficient drive. Remember to Check the operation of your Block Heater & Cord, if you are unsure, come in & we would be happy to check both the block heater & the cord you will be using.