Medicine Hat Home Renovation Expert – Michael Klassen

December is a time of year for friends and families to come together in our homes to celebrate the birth of Jesus and to reflect on the events of the past year.  Our homes are central to all of our family’s celebrations – it is the unheard host of every party and get-to-together we have, they are like the canvases our memories are painted on.  Whether it’s a new bathroom, new siding, or whole house makeover, the transformation always enhances our family experience. One aspect of renovations, I enjoy as a carpenter, is to see the enhancement of the family’s quality of life.  One  such experience I will never forget, is of a family of four and their new window package.  These windows, with their beautiful fir wood frames, were the final piece of a larger renovation and they made a huge difference for this family.  The living room was so cold in winter, due to the “vintage” single pane windows, that if the father wanted to sit in the living room to watch movies with his three “girls” he had to wear a toque as the drafts were too much for his lack of hair.  These new windows changed all of that.  It wasn’t the new curb appeal, the father mentioned, it wasn’t the energy savings, instead, it was the enhanced family time that was the greatest benefit for this dad and his family.

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