Medicine Hat Indoor Gun Range Expert – Rocky Rutledge

Becoming a licensed gun owner in Canada is a somewhat lengthy, but relatively straightforward procedure. Unfortunately, the process can often be confusing for those new to the shooting sports. The first step on the road to legal firearm ownership is taking the Canadian Firearms Safety Course & Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course. Canadian Firearms Safety Course Exam covers the material taught in the safety course. It has two components: a written multiple-choice section and a practical firearms-handling portion. There is no live-fire testing. Send in your application when you  have passed the exams. Processing a firearms license application involves a variety of background checks. In some cases, in-depth investigations are conducted. The RCMP requires a minimum of 45 days to process a firearms license application. The last thing to do is wait. There is a minimum 28-day waiting period for all applicants who do not presently hold a valid firearms licence. Once this waiting period is complete, the licence should be issued without undue delay.

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