Medicine Hat Supplement Specialists- Wes Borland

This holiday season, try to avoid overindulging by incorporating protein at every meal. Below is one of my favorite ways to incorporate protein into a snack:

Protein Energy Balls

There are hundreds of recipes on the internet for protein balls, but I like to keep it simple with my easy Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Protein Ball recipe. Add 2 cups of vanilla protein powder with 1 cup of almond meal (aka almond flour) into a bowl and mix.  Add in ½ cup of almond butter, and ¼ cup maple syrup (you can use sugar-free or regular). Stir until the batter is the same consistency of cookie dough. Add in ¼ cup chocolate chips and mix to combine.  Scoop dough out and roll into balls and refrigerate for a few hours to firm up.