Medicine Hat Vision Care – Jim Stewart

Our Renos are done!

Our original 3rd Street location is now finished too!!

I  explained in the November article the purposes for the two locations.  We realize that it will cause some confusion at the start as to what building to go to.

Under the 20/20 umbrella we now have 3 entities operating:

20/20 Vision Care which has been around over 21 years now is still at the original location at 431 3rd Street.  It will be primarily for adult eye exams and eyeglass/sunglasses.  We will look after anyone from 13 and up as well.  Our contact lenses will be looked after here as well.   20/20 Urgent Eye Care is in the second location on 4th Street.  This is where we will do the extra medical exams and you with some eye emergencies.  Looking after the health side of your eyes! 20/20 Kids is also on 4th Street.  We have gone over the top to make kids feel comfortable and look forward to visiting us and have lots of fun while they are there.  We also have an extra selection for kids glasses too.  But the interactive fun and learning available there is beyond belief.   Let the kids be kids there without worry.

Please visit us at both locations to see for yourself the wonderful changes!

None of this could have been possible without help of Dena Hyde, Advance Design at 4th Street.  Linda Robertson, plus Scott and crew at TBC.  A huge THANK YOU!!! Hey another extra spin off and reason for this is the extra parking we created.  Now 5 spots behind 3rd Street and 7 spots below 4th Street off the alley.  Plus, parking by the building off of 4th Street.