Medicine Hat Women’s Fitness Expert – Heather Roberts

Hi,  my name is Heather Roberts and I am the new owner of the Curves fitness facility in Medicine Hat.

Curves is not your traditional gym.  Curves is a facility, specially designed for women featuring a complete 30 minute workout that is fun, fast and safe.  The Curves Circuit is designed to work every major muscle group for women.  There is always a Curves Coach in the center of the circuit to advise, guide and motivate you through the 30 minute workout.  With the introduction of Curves Specialty Classes, the Curves program allows for continued progression in strength and cardio.  Functional movement, balance training, dance movements and flexibility are incorporated into various classes.  And, the monthly one on one coaching sessions help keep members on track and excited about reaching their goals.  At Curves, connecting with our members is critical.  That’s the reason our circuit equipment is set up in a circle.  The commitment of a 30 minute strength training workout 3 times per week at Curves protects a woman’s health and provides and opportunity to connect with other women.

If you have any questions at all or would like to come in and talk to us about our club, feel free to call us at 403-487-0616 or stop by the club at 3 – 1224 Strachan Road SE.