Grande Prairie Christian Living – Pastor Philip Robe-From

Real Fellowship

We live in a world where virtual interactions are quickly replacing real, in-person connections. A social media ‘like’ cannot replace a genuine conversation.  A shared post pales in comparison to a shared meal. Families who used to break bread together now silo themselves with headphones and individual screens. Many do not even watch movies together; but, seclude individually into dark bedrooms and watch the same content at the same time-only alone. While being independent is valued in our culture in areas such as finances, there is an important sphere of our lives where interdependence is crucial.  There should be time to laugh, cry, and fellowship together in person. Yes, video chat and online communication has connected the world in powerful ways.  But it ought not to replace face to face, in-person fellowship.People used to interact with their neighbors more than they do now. The attached garage complete with remote garage door opener, ensures that people can efficiently get into their houses without having to talk to anyone. Caller ID and voice mail allows us to screen calls and avoid communicating. I encourage you to purposely engage in the breaking of bread and fellowship with someone. Take a break from the screens and have some fellowship. • 780-532-0649.