Grande Prairie Marketing Expert – Shawn Shmyr

Are you suffering from Brand Suffocation?

It’s said,  “The average person will come in contact with over 5,000 ads or brands per day”.  What? That seems like a lot until you consider this…I woke up to my iPhone today, brushed my teeth with Crest, put on some Degree deodorant, turned on my Sonos, used my Auto Start, put on a Hugo Boss suit, sat down to my Mac computer, brewed some Starbucks, enjoyed some Farm Fresh eggs and on, and on and on… Before I left  my home I would have encountered over a hundred brands. So, the question is.  How will your brand stand out?

First, your brand is not your logo or sign hanging on your building.  Your brand is every single emotion, positive and negative thing said about it. Your brand is how you make people feel!    It’s purpose is to create an identity yes.  However, what it’s really used for is to instill an emotion that leads you to act. Let’s look at it this way. Love it or hate it you have an opinion of most brands.  Starbucks vs Tim Hortons.  Mac vs PC. Oilers vs the Flames. Each one of these words instill and emotion that is positive, negative or indifferent. The purpose of this article will identify 5 levels of brand recognition which will be a “breath of fresh air”.

Brand Rejection: Negative experiences can quickly get out of hand due to social media. So, what do you do if your brand is under attack? First, remember nothing online is ever private. Everything can have a screen shot taken of it and shared. If someone wants to “wage war on social media”.  Do not engage them!  Delete it and move on.  It is a no win situation to get into anything on social media.  If you really want to address it and MUST.  Ask for their phone number and call them personally and resolve it with a real human interaction.

Lack of Brand Recognition: People simply do not know who you are. Your marketing campaigns are a unique blend of many things and you must identify exactly who you are first.  This is where you must know your bullet proof reason people should buy from you.  Remember, service, selection and quality are not reasons. If you lean on this you will sound just like your competitors.  You must have your exact company advantages known as a major part of your culture and be able to communicate to them.

Recognition: Congratulations! People know who you are and do not care. In order for buyers to move to the next level in the buying process they must begin to emotionally connect with your brand in a positive manner.  You know lots of brands right now that are well branded.  However, you don’t care that they may be on sale or available. Let’s put it to the test!  Next time your are in the grocery store. Take note of how many brands you don’t pay attention to on the shelves while you look for the one you want. We have to create an emotional connection or your brand will have not value to potential buyers.

Brand Preference: This is when you have made a successful connection and given multiple choices a buyer will choose your brand.  Your brand for very specific reasons is the one that meets the needs of a buyer and you are on your way to winning brand wars.

Brand Loyalty:  This is where buyers become advocates for your products or services. They will choose you over the competitors time and time again because it is now part of lifestyle.  Everyone wants to be in this position however, it will take resilience, lots of added value and being highly differential. One of the most effective ways to elevate your brand status is by using radio and digital together. Radio is reported to help brands raise their google searches by 29% in search activity with some impressive numbers.

Online brand searches with radio lifted search results in the following way across multiple industries!

33% Lift in Morning searches

32% Lift in Midday searches

29% lift in Drive searches

13% lift in Evening searches

Radio and digital together is also reported to influence buyers to be 91% more likely to buy a car, 144% more likely to take a vacation and 23% more likely to consider a mobile device. That is a serious elevation in effectiveness using radio. When you think about building your brand, think about how you want people to feel and what that experience will be. That will be the connection point to your success and opportunity to breath more life into your brand and sales. I’d love to help you reach your marketing goals and your calls are welcome at 780-505-2616 or emails to

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