Red Deer Garment Decorator- Berna Zayachkowski

The ever aggressive momentum of social media and technology appears to constantly bombard society with something better. We have to do it “better” than our competition, we have to get there quicker before they do, or we have to make it more accessible for our clients to acquire what they need.

Consulting firms have become available on every corner to assist you in getting an edge through the use of 21th century technology.  However, we still serve human beings, who long for a moments reprieve from being overwhelmed. People are more than just another “Twitter” handle or a “URL” to visit or respond to. Every individual has a deep-down desire to feel like they matter! A client, when they walk through your doors or visits your website is emotionally desirous that their order matters to you. Statistics show more and more that “clients gravitate to companies that provide that feeling of “you matter to us”.

We, at All Sports Cresting are constantly looking to improve our service to our clients so we are sending the message that “you matter to us”.