Red Deer Denture Expert – Mark Mulzet

THERE IS AN EPIDEMIC SPREADING!!!  At least that is what I am calling it these days.  It is now to the point that almost 30% of our appointment booked patients don’t show up, or call 5 minutes before their appointment to reschedule.  I call this new trend an EPIDEMIC! I suspect I’m no different than you.  When I attend to see my doctor at an 8am appointment that I scheduled a month ago, I detest having to sit in the waiting room for 1.5hrs before I get into see my doctor.  How can he be 1.5hrs behind at 8am?  I could never understand this lack of respect for my time.  BUT now I understand.  People no longer seem to respect appointments that are scheduled.  Appointments are scheduled so proper and efficient time management can be set up, so adequate staff, and supplies can be ordered.  This scheduling helps save costs and keeps everything running more efficiently.  I have bragged for years that when patients come to SOUTH HILL DENTURE CLINIC they usually don’t even get a chance to try out our comfy massage chair in the waiting room.  I usually get them in immediately and very rarely do they have to wait 5 minutes before I am seeing them in a dental chair.  l am proud of this respect for your time because I feel your time is as valuable as mine.  However due to the new trend of patients not showing up for their appointment and then calling hours later to rebook, I have suddenly considered over booking like the big fancy doctors do, and then patients have to sit and wait hours, but at least I don’t have staff sitting idle because three patients in a row didn’t show for their appointment.  I WON’T DO THIS!!  I truly believe your time is as valuable as mine, and I guarantee you will not have to wait unnecessarily long wait times to see me,  That is if you have a booked scheduled appointment.  Walk ins are welcome but it is difficult to sneak someone in at times and an appointment guarantees you my full attention at the time of your booking.     To all my patients I ask that you provide us at least 48 hrs notice of you cancellation so that we can maintain and keep our punctual schedule for all our patients and their denture needs.

-Respectfully, time management team at South Hill Denture Clinic.