Red Deer Health Supplies – Dawn Wickberg

Holiday stress is very real.  Depending on your financial and social situations you may find yourself overwhelmed and stressed.  If you can just take it back to the basics and remember that the Christmas season is about laughter, joy and relationships we share with others NOT the presents and expectation of giving gifts.  Christmas like every other holiday has been highly commercialized and the more we continue feeding into it the more stressed we will become.  We all know how unworthy stress is of our time but yet we still do it? Why? we need to form healthier habits such as, going for walks, doing yoga, meditation, going to the gym, having a coffee date with a pal…finding stress “outlets” if I may say.  All of these low cost things can bring such joy to your life if you just implement some of them.  Proper diet is KEY, proper supplementation will also help to fill gaps.  A nice Holy Basil tea before bed works nice, some Bacopa or Ashwaganda to help soothe the mind and adrenals works well too.  There will always be stress, the only time stress has power over us is when we allow it.

Until next time, Oh and Merry Christmas to you ALL!