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How Humidity Affects Home Comfort

Proper humidity levels in your  home are more important to control now that winter in here, and outdoor temps are dropping, drying the air. In order to introduce humidity into your home, there are a few options to consider.

Your Health

Humidity (or lack of) directly affects how you feel.  Symptoms of low humidity result in:

1)            Respiratory distress such as asthma flare ups, breathing difficulty and dry airway and nasal passages.

2)            Dry and cracked  skin

3)            Frizzy hair

Cracked and dry furniture and flooring can also be included in this list of issues caused by lack of humidity.

Your home’s forced air heating system can deliver humidity into your home with the addition of two common styles of humidifier:

1) Flow –through power humidifier

2) Steam canister style humidifier

Both humidifiers are very effective, and have been successful in many homes for years. They simply mount directly to the furnace duct work, are tied into water and electrical sources, and are controlled by a wall or duct mount sensor. The Flow-through unit is common in Central Alberta, is low maintenance, and easy on the budget. This unit does require the heat from the furnace to assist in the water evaporation and distribution of humidity through the home. The steam unit generates steam through it’s own power source, and quickly distributes humid air through the duct work of our home furnace.  This unit is more effective for on demand humidity, and is controlled by a wall or duct mount sensor. We are here to help if you have any questions on your home humidity needs.