Red Deer Motorsports Expert – Steve Van Tetering

It seems that it wasn’t that long ago we were all blown away at the release of the 2017 Kawasaki lineup. It boasted all new Ninja 650, Z650, Z900,  Z125, and a thoroughly updates Ninja 1000. Most manufacturers would coast after a year like that, let the shiny new models bring in the money and wait for the market to cool before releasing anything new. Kawasaki is not `most manufacturers. The 2018 lineup comes with even more new metal than last year. The retro-styled Z900RS, the breathtakingly fast, but somehow comfortable H2 SX, the bigger, better Ninja 400, and the incredibly advanced ZX-10R SE are sure to grab your attention. The Z900RS is based off the highly successful Z900, with styling that brings back memories of the mid 70s KZ craze. Vintage enthusiasts eat your hearts out! The H2 SX is a new variant of the H2 and H2R, sporting a 200hp supercharged engine, seating for 2, a larger windshield, cruise control and optional hard saddlebags! It’s a perfect mix of adrenaline pumping speed and practical features! The Ninja 400 replaces the highly popular 300 model of the last few years. Riders can look forward to improved power, handling, fuel economy and a more aggressive look for 2018! Finally, the ZX-10R SE adds some trick new goodies to the highly successful ZX-10R. The bike that has won the past 3 WSBK titles gets its first ever electronic active suspension for 2018, along with a gorgeous black colourway. By monitoring speed, pitch, yaw, shaft position and more, this Showa suspension system adjusts itself on the fly to give the rider perfect damping in any situation. 2017 saw some great new machines out of Kawasaki, but it looks like they`ve outdone themselves once again for 2018. Order your 2018 model from us today! A small deposit is all it takes to put your name on the Kawasaki of your dreams!