Red Deer Natural Health Adviser – Cheryl Markovich

5 ways to reduce or remove sugar from your life and get your health back!

continued from November…

  • Avoid “light” foods – When a package claims the product is light that means less fat or calories. However, in order to keep it tasting good they  add more sugar!
  • Use Stevia – Stevia is a natural plant based sweetener that the body
    recognizes and processes correctly in small amounts.
  • Replace sugar with honey – If a recipe calls for sugar, replace it with honey instead. You can often even half the amount called for.
  • Sugar has hidden names – Find out the many different names that can be used for sugar and look for them in ingredient labels. Remember – anything ending in –one is definitely a form of sugar!
  • Shop the outside aisles of the grocery store – This is where  most of the nutritious, whole foods are.

REMEMBER:  Your body was created to heal so why not call for a discounted assessment of where your body is functioning and take control of your health now.