Red Deer Photography Expert – Paul Howard




1.forming an attractive subject for photography or having features that look well in a photograph:

a photogenic face.

So what’s that mean for you getting your photograph taken? It means that it’s MY job to show how attractive you are in an image. “Forming an attractive subject” is something that I have to do. It’s up to me to direct, position, and light you to transform your already wonderful, three dimensional self into a two-dimensional image on screen or on paper that still shows how fabulous you look in the real world. The idea of someone not being suitable somehow, of not being “photogenic”, of being incapable of having a superb portrait of themselves being done………..  I don’t buy that for a second. If that’s really what you believe then I’m challenging you! I’m challenging you to book a session and prove to me that you’re unphotographable. If you don’t find one single image that you love, I’ll refund your session fee. I really believe it’s always been there, and I can help you see it too. It’s that simple. Not photogenic. Pfffffffft!