Saskatoon Oil Changers – Brandon Entwistle

Know what your getting into.

Vehicles come at a costly price these days, new or used. Most people shop for a vehicle right and need it right now, but they can’t afford to buy the vehicle with cash, so they will be stuck taking out a loan. Stuck to a monthly payment plan for X amount of dollars and most likely for a long term as in five, six or even ten years. So, my automotive advice is don’t live past your means; make sure you know what to expect before you make that purchase. Don’t expect to just pay the monthly payment, gas up the vehicle, pay your insurance, and away you go. It will not be that easy.

Question what kind of fuel the vehicle will require, how often it will be needed, how much oil changes and lesser known regular maintenance will cost? How much insurance will cost, can you pay it yearly or monthly? Suddenly, it is not just making a car payment anymore. Pricing may have started at $350 per month and the big picture is more like $650. Those extra costs are not often figured in, and regular maintenance is vital to keep this new, or new-to-you, car in the best shape it can be.

I remember when I started working in this field, only 16 years ago – oil changes started at $21.95. Boy, times have changed. Vehicles have become more complicated, factory requirements for oil specifications have changed. It is now more common for a brand-new vehicle to require synthetic oils, and that comes with a higher cost, $120 or more for a single service. At Lubrication Station we will warn you when your vehicle will need services beyond oil changes, transmission, power steering, etc. I would recommend putting some money away every month so when the maintenance is due it’s not a strain on the wallet. General maintenance is required by the manufacturer so from the day of your purchase please be prepared and know what you’re getting into. If it is not explained to you in person, please check our vehicle’s manual which gives not only the recommended service intervals but the specs of the replacements.

Vehicle maintenance is necessary to avoid mechanical damages done by day-to-day driving. Yes, every day puts wear on the car, on the road but even while parked. We are so trusting in our vehicle’s reliability but from my personal experience, things will happen that we don’t expect, but we should try to be prepared.

Lubrication Station loves preparation, after all, maintenance is cheaper than repairs.

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