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Serving Others

“Who cares about anyone else…I’m looking after Number One!”

This seems to be the unwritten mantra of a culture where winning often means refusing to help others.  It becomes a game to see how many personal needs can be met. But this is not the model of success demonstrated by Christ.

While the disciples were arguing about who was the greatest, he put on a servant’s apron and washed their feet.  He saw that their feet had not been washed and did it.

Foot washing was the job of a servant. This was the equivalent of the Queen coming to visit you and washing your toilet.  Jesus demonstrated a powerful lesson. Serving is not about glory and accolades.  Serving is not about recognition and spotlight.  Serving is about seeing needs and helping meet them.

Some shop for churches saying, “That church didn’t meet our needs.”  This is a telling statement about the perspective of people who sees themselves as spiritual consumers looking to have their needs met.

The church does not exist to meet our needs.  It does not exist for us. People are the church and we exist for the world.  When you use your talents and gifts to serve others, the experience is far more rewarding.

He made himself of no reputation, and took upon him the form of a servant, and was made in the likeness of men.  Philippians 2:7 • 780-532-0649.