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Going South for the Winter?

When Canadians travel south for the winter months to avoid the cold weather have they properly prepared their home and have they considered how protecting their home properly could impact their insurance? Here are some tips if you plan on being away for an extended period of time.

  • Make sure you have a competent, reliable and trust worthy person to check on your home every 24 hours while you are away. This person should be a trusted friend, neighbour or family member.
  • Verify that the person checking your home has all your relevant contact information and that

you are able to contact each other in case of an emergency

  • To avoid large water damage claims make sure you turn off the main water supply to the house and drain pipes and other water vessels located in the household.
  • Consider installing a monitored alarm system. These systems have the capability of detecting and alerting you of malfunctions with the plumbing and heating systems in your household.
  • To help prevent break and enters and other forms of vandalism or property damage, try to make your home look occupied. If possible set your outside lights on timers, have your neighbour pick up newspapers and magazines that are delivered to your address and shovel the snow from your driveway.

To make sure your insurance policy is protecting your property while you’re away enjoying the warm weather make sure to contact our knowledgeable staff at Broker Age General Insurance.

** NOTE:  The information provided in this blog is of a general nature.  It may not be specific to your particular situation.  We recommend you consult our office for appropriate advice **

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