Red Deer Garment Decorator- Berna Zayachkowski

Practices Your Business Should Consider – Part 2


Technology and its way of doing business is the wave of the future according to some analysts. Unfortunately with these new trends comes the frustration of not being able to deal with real people. The web doesn’t open doors after hours to accommodate a customer after closing time. Many times we need to have a face-to-face conversation so your client or shop owner understands your dilemma or specific need.


No one wants to do without the efficiency of technology, so how do we incorporate the “Old School” practices with the new technology? According to an article by Joseph Michelli, “customers crave a connection to simpler times. A time, when business was a person-to-person and a business-to-consumer interaction.  A time when people mattered”. A time when a smile was honorable and taking a moment to listen carefully to what a neighbour, friend, customer’s thoughts was important.

It is increasingly important in this digital hurry-up world to take time to know your client’s needs. To pause and connect then interact in a way that helps each customer’s needs to be met in the best way possible.