Red Deer Health Supplies – Dawn Wickberg

It’s a NEW YEAR… year new you? Or new year and old stuff from last year tagging along?  Letting go of the unnecessary, really is key to being able to really move forward and unlock your full potential.  Being stuck in old bad thought processes and habits can and will hinder ALL GOALS, whether it be weight loss, personal growth, or taking your health the next level.  Take baby steps toward what you want, looking on too large of a scale can be too daunting and actually hurt your progress because you see it as too much of a mountain to climb.  There’s a saying” you can have a bad week, but you can’t have a bad month”. Once it becomes a more long term lull it becomes a rut too big to get out of…or so your mind will tell you.  In case you haven’t noticed life is a very big MENTAL game…where’s your head at?


Happy New Year and cheers to being your best self in 2018!