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Furnace Replacement

If your existing furnace is 15 years or older, it`s never a bad idea to consider a thorough safety inspection.

Because your furnace is a gas burning appliance, there is a good reason to be sure all functions are up to proper safety standards.

An average furnace cycles on and off up to 20,000 times per year, placing considerable demand on the heat exchanger, and other critical components.

Cracks or holes can form in the heat exchanger causing burned flu gas to enter the airstream, thus affecting air quality and potentially unsafe conditions.

New furnaces typically have numerous safety devices and controls to ensure the flame is burning properly, and the flu gases are being properly expelled through the venting system.

A new furnace will also run more efficiently (costing less on fuel and electricity) with the added benefit of better control of the burner cycles, staging of burners and fan speeds.

A furnace replacement can usually be accomplished in one day and can be booked anytime during the winter months.

Consider an upgrade to your existing system for improved comfort, efficiency, and peace of mind. Our professional staff can answer any question you may have concerning your furnace and home heating system

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