Red Deer Motorsport Expert – Steve VanTetering

The team at Precision is constantly looking for ways to improve on our offering to Central Alberta. In keeping with this motive, we are now offering the Argo brand! The Argo XTV is an amphibious ATV powered by a reliable Kohler Motor. With 6 or 8 wheels, the Argo will go anywhere you ask it to, including over water! That’s right folks, it floats too! Not only that, but the Argo even accepts small outboard motors! Talk about a true all terrain vehicle! For 2018, Argo has taken a huge step by adding 4 wheeled ATVs to their lineup! Available in one or two passenger models, these ATVs mean business, and with the Argo name behind them, you know they’ll get the job done, whether it’s heavy hauling or a relaxing trail ride the Argo Xplorer is up to the task!