Red Deer Photography Expert – Paul Howard


New …… view? Yeah, that’s right.  How do you view yourself right now? Do you have a professional photograph of yourself? Or you just keep saying that it’s not time yet? You can’t have a “proper” photo taken because you just don’t view yourself that way, there’s nothing there that’s photo worthy.

You’re wrong. True, we haven’t even met yet, but I can still tell you that you’re wrong. There is something in everyone that deserves to be preserved in a photograph. Preserved for your partner, your parent, your children, your grandchildren and, more importantly, for you.

I specialize in “there’s nothing here to photograph”. In “I’m not at all photogenic”. In “I’m so uncomfortable in front of the camera”. In “I look terrible in pictures”. What you need to look great in a photograph is already there within you. I’m just going to help you see that.

Here’s the deal: if you don’t like any of the images I create with you, don’t buy them from me. It’s that simple.

It’s a new year. You deserve a new view. Book a session and I’ll show you.