Red Deer Auto Paint Restoration Expert – Mark Dolynchuk

What’s the Worst Thing About Winter and Auto Paint?

The worst thing about Canadian winters and your paint finish is what the weather does to your enthusiasm to stand in a freezing driveway with a dirty cold bucket! We see cars in our shop that haven’t been washed in months. Salt kills. It is horrid for your vehicle, equally as bad for your clothing, and hard on your health! Ensure you clean the carpets and mats, and underneath them too. Use a cleaner with a foaming agent for that ground in grease and mud. Clean the bottom of your door jam. Any leather in your vehicle should be protected with a cleaner and conditioner, because nothing says ‘age’ more quickly when you go to sell your ride than cracked leather. If the driveway option is simply out of the question for you, use an automated wash but ensure it is a ‘touchless’ one. Those 6’ long toilet brushes that come crashing down on your rig will do more damage than good – and you can bet it’s never going to be their ‘fault’. If using a spray wand wash –get at your undercarriage where the invisible damage will be working away all winter long. Your tires and rims will get pitted and corroded from road grime. If you’re working on it at home or at a car wash, spray on some touch free tire and rim cleaner for a few minutes before you use the spray wand. That stuff you see floating down the drain both pits the rims and diminishes the moisture in your rubber. Spring will come – but in the meantime protect your investment!