Medicine hat Bra Fitting Expert – Mel Lambert

You don’t need me to tell you that January is a popular time for people to make changes to their lives. Whether you’re committed to a New Year’s Resolution, or just feeling the vibe of renewal that comes along with a new year, a great way to make a change is by updating your underthings!

Are you a resolution kind of person? If this year’s resolution was to work out more, I recommend checking out a new sports bra! A lot of the styles that people consider to be sports bras are stretchy and don’t offer a lot of support. If you go to a boutique store, you can find many styles of ultra supportive sports bras that can be fit perfectly to your unique body shape. This is especially important if your workout plans involve a lot of cardio, like running or dancing.

Are you just wanting a minor change in the New Year? A well-fit bra can subtly update your wardrobe by showing off your best silhouette underneath your clothing. As well, some new pretty undergarments can either be amazing to show off, or a fun secret that makes you feel special. No matter your priorities, a new bra can add a fun zing to your life!