Medicine Hat Chiropractic Care Expert – Dr. Jans


Once again it’s January!  Did you make some resolutions this year?  Are you still on track to keep them?  January is a great time to make positive changes in your life.  New Year; New You.  Why not be a healthier person in 2018 than you were in 2017?

Observing patients for over 30 years, I’ve seen many succeed and many fail in their attempts to improve their health. There are some common elements in those who successfully make positive changes in their lives.  They:

Make lifestyle changes rather than just going on a diet or exercising to lose 20 pounds.  The goal needs to be Improvement for the rest of their life not just until the next vacation or wedding.

Understand that health is a journey.  It’s not what the scale says or how the clothes fit, as much as it is the day to day habits that either move a person toward health or away from it.  It’s about the quality of what gets eaten, regular exercise, the caliber of sleep, the social interactions, the stress management, and also the hugs.

Make small changes.  By setting achievable and easily obtainable goals, each victory is motivation to carry on and set new goals.  Remember the saying, “How do you eat an elephant?” “One bite at a time.”

Prioritize changes.  By focusing first on the one or two changes that will have the greatest benefits they quickly see results. Making lifestyle modifications can be like learning to juggle. Start by just tossing one ball in the air, then add balls one at a time only when you can successfully keep the others up.

Get support.  Having someone to make the changes with you or at least to encourage and hold you accountable is tremendously helpful.  Everyone has a tendency to revert back to their old habits, but with the help of a friend or coach, bad habits can be replaced by good ones.

Even if you have already broken your New Year’s Resolutions, don’t worry. Today’s a great day to make a change towards a better you!

Many people think that chiropractic is about back and neck pain, but really chiropractic is about health.  A chiropractic lifestyle involves adopting those things which promote health and putting away the things that destroy health.  A healthy spine is absolutely essential to having health.  Getting regular chiropractic adjustments in a great step to being healthier.  Call today for a free consultation.