Medicine Hat Community Living – Diane Eley


When most people hear the phrase “profit and loss” they automatically link it with the subject of finances – but, SURPRISE – that is not our topic of discussion today – and here’s precisely why I put the words in a reverse order to what we normally hear them.

The natural progression of life dictates unexpected things are going to happen as we age. Few people are prepared for the inevitable physical and neurological changes in our body.

Today, I want to mention a few of those changes – but also I am going to state some POSITIVE changes you don’t necessarily hear about to bring a more balanced view of this thing called “aging”.  So, let’s face the music and first of all acknowledge those less pleasant challenges.

You may feel that sometimes

your body is working against you – it’s not – it’s working against time.  According to AARP, the most common ailments you may experience are hearing loss, vision difficulties, heart impairment and yes, cancer.  Aches and pains, colds and shakiness – these are all typically signs of our bodies undergoing changes.

HOWEVER, all is not bleak and more positive changes can be on your horizon. Here are some facts you may not have heard before:

  • If you’ve been in good health all your life, your bones and joints can stay in  reasonably good shape for many years;
  • Did you know an older heart beats just as much volume of blood as a younger one?
  • Allergies decrease since your immune system is not as sensitive;
  • You can enjoy better sex than ever with your life partner.

Here’s some more good news:

  • According to geriatric researchers, your brain continues to grow making your capacity to learn new things strong;
  • You are part of the happiest demo graphic (yes you are!!! – maybe because you’ve learned to appreciate more and  worry less).  Now is the time to pursue some of those dreams and plans you’ve  put on hold;
  • At this stage, you know what you’re capable of, and have a freedom to be  authentic – true to yourself
  • Age has given you the wisdom to have appreciation for your losses, but strength enough to move forward in spite of them.

What does your “Balance Sheet” look like?  Now is the time to add more to your ‘profits’ column!