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Different Types of Lasers!

When we hear the word laser, a lot of people think about surgical lasers; lasers that cut and burn.  However, there are many different types of lasers; we actually use lasers in our daily lives! Lasers are classified and named for safety purposes based on their potential for causing injury to human eyes and skin. The different types of lasers are Class I, II, IIIa, IIIb, and IV. The higher the class the more intense the laser is.

Examples of each Class are:

  • Class I lasers: CD/DVD players, laser  printers.
  • Class II: Barcode scanners
  • Class IIIa: Laser pointers
  • Class IIIb: “Cold laser” Therapy for pain  relief, Laser light shows
  • Class IV: Research Lasers, medical lasers  for surgeries. This class of laser has the potential to cause harm if not used  appropriately.

Please note: no laser should be pointed at the eye.

At Health Renew, we use a Class IIIb laser. Class IIIb lasers use near infrared rays, and are known for using light to shine deep into the body to create healing, alleviate pain, and decrease inflammation without causing tissue damage.  The laser we use has the amazing ability to shine up to five inches into the body.  While other lasers can have therapeutic value, none offer both the therapeutic value and safety of a Class IIIb for treating a broad range of acute/ chronic ailments.  This therapy is extremely safe and completely pain free.

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