Medicine Hat Medical Equipment Expert – Trevor Eichelbaum

Pride and Prejudice:

The world is changing. Great strides are being made across the country to change the way that people view other people. Seemingly the most obvious change in perception is being taught to the youth of today. In school, children are now taught to see diversity as a good thing, and that people are all valuable regardless of their differences. Change is good.

Yet on a regular basis I see client’s who feel that needing a mobility aid makes them less of a person. Often these clients tell me that they hoped never to need the item, and that they don’t want to look like they can’t do things independently. Unfortunately, by denying the help that a mobility aid would give them, they are actually preventing themselves from independence. The perception that you look incapable behind that walker is rarely seen by others. Most often only in our minds do we feel others will view us as less than, when really, they just see different.

Pride is a common topic in the store. We all have it, and some of us have way too much of it. We all have to let our pride go sometimes, whether it be to ask help from a friend, or accept that we aren’t as young and agile as we used to be. Once we let our pride go, we often find that we were holding onto it without reason, and that we are much better off with the help that we have asked for.

If pride is preventing you from going outside, taking a walk, going with friends for coffee, or even just moving freely around your house, what favours is that pride doing for you? If worry of prejudicial treatment holds you back from looking different, remember that we are all different, and we can all accept each other’s differences, big or small.