Medicine Hat Home Renovation Expert – Michael Klassen

Many consider committing to a renovation project prior to selling their home.  Essentially, you are flipping your own home and ahead of the game as you already have your project house.  Here are 3 tips to receive a greater potential profit from your renovation.

  1. Leave your personality at home.

Fanciful light fixtures and non-neutral colours are two components that can actually subtract from your home’s resale value.  If you are planning your renovation with the market in mind, it may sound mundane, but tastes change and those neutral choices are much more universal.

  1. Appliances

A new suite of stainless steel appliances in the kitchen, are an easy way to generate profit from your remodel. Exchanging the stove/oven unit with a separate cooktop and a double oven pantry will definitely create a “want” factor that is sure to separate your house from the others on the MLS. Lastly, avoid the European idea of laundry appliances in the food prep area, save those for a main floor laundry, if you have the space.

  1. Main floor Laundry

That bedroom adjacent to the hallway may have the space to build a closet style area that is the new home for the washer dryer, no more loads of laundry up and down the stairs.

Once you have renovated, there’s always a chance you love the changes and don’t want to sell, and that may be exactly what you needed.

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