Red Deer Bra Fitting and Lingerie Expert – Sherry Gunmow

Below are a few common types of bras and their descriptions:

  1. Push up bra: This type of bra adds volume to the breasts to give the appearance of larger breasts.  Frequently push up bras create a nicer cleavage for the wearer. Push up bras usually have padded cups with materials like foam, gel, water and even air in some designs.  Cleavage can also occur with a plunge bra style.
  2. Strapless bra: This type of bra has put an end to fighting with straps. They are perfect for strapless and halter dresses. Strapless bra should provide full support and come in many different options.
  3. Full coverage: This type of bra is a perfect choice for women who want to support their breasts more. They can provide more coverage for large breasted women who are self conscious.  For active women, full coverage bras are a good choice.  They should be comfortable while providing excellent support.
  4. Balconnette  bra: Can be full support or medium support, depending on whether you choose a molded cup or a full support cup.  They are lower in the cup, thus look great under lower styled clothing, and usually the straps are wider set as well.