Red Deer Building Supplies and Hardware Expert – Roger DeRegt

February is a difficult month. While the longest, darkest and coldest days of winter are over, spring is not quite here yet and it is still awhile before you can get a proper start on your projects for the spring in summer. However, there is nothing saying you can’t work on indoor projects in the meantime!

Why not start an indoor renovation while waiting for the spring thaw to come? February is an ideal month for this, and Wolf Creek Building Supplies has all the materials you need for you winter renovation project. Whether you are just updating a few things or completely overhauling your home, we have the materials you need for the job.

In fact, our Sylvan Lake location specializes in renovations! They carry everything from flooring, to trim, to cabinets, to countertops and more! There is no need to worry if DIY isn’t your thing either, Wolf Creek Building Supplies Sylvan Lake can arrange to have the work done for you! Call today to get your renovation started.