Red Deer Heating and Air Conditioning Expert – Brad Johnson

The Security of a Warm Home

My daughter accepted a teaching assignment in Japan, and has shared with me the challenge of coping with the winter conditions. Her apartment has no insulation, windows are only single pane, and often it gets colder indoors than outside. Kerosene heaters and electric blankets are the normal method of staving off the cold. She is bravely managing her discomfort and praying for spring!

A typical Canadian home is very much ahead of most of the world when it comes to heating; keeping the warmth in, and  the cold out, which we often take for granted.

During this last “cold snap”, there were many furnaces that for various reasons broke down, creating emergencies that our service techs worked overtime to keep up to.

A properly maintained furnace will lessen the chance of an emergency service call, which usually is an unexpected expense, and inconvenient.

Being pro-active saves time and money.

Regular service on your furnace is preventative maintenance which will pay dividends or prolonging the life and reliability of your heating system.

Comfortec Heating offers a complete service of all makes and models of furnaces, including boilers and underfloor heating.

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