White Rock Dentures Expert – Jeremy den Ouden, RD

FAQ: Should I use denture adhesives?

If you find yourself searching for a denture adhesive, we suggest that you first visit our clinic for your FREE Consultation to determine if you are using an ill-fitting denture. If that is the case, a simple reline may be enough to remedy your denture fit.

At Renew Denture Clinic, we strive to craft beautiful, well-fitting dentures that do not need the aid of a denture adhesive.

We do not recommend the use of denture adhesives for the following reasons:

  • They are a mild inflammatory, which can have negative affects on your health if not prescribed by a qualified professional
  • They can cause irritation to the skin
  • They are messy, often causing discomfort and frustration.
  • They can encourage the wearer to use an ill-fitting denture well beyond its intended life-span

If you currently use, or are considering using a denture adhesive to improve the stability of your denture, please contact us at Renew Denture Clinic for your FREE Consultation to discuss options to help you achieve a stable fit with a well-fitting denture.

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Our highly sought-after denturist, Jeremy den Ouden, RD, is passionate about not only delivering a quality denture product and service to his patients, but also educating denture-wearers and their caregivers.

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