Grande Prairie Furniture Expert – Ken Gripich


More and more clothes washers are showing up with impellers instead of agitators and many consumers are wondering if they are as good as the tried and true old agitators.

So let’s look at it for a minute, starting with our old friend the agitator, who functions by rubbing against clothes to remove and rinse away loose soils. Some might say they are hard on clothes by being a bit too aggressive,  but today’s advanced designs have addressed these issues and I can assure you they are much easier on clothes than ever before. While the space taken up by the agitator is a concern the size of usable tub space has

gotten larger to help with this issue. Also added these days are varied water spray and agitator actions to enhance the cleaning process. All in all still a very dependable wash technology.

Impellers, the new kid on the block, have been added, often in conjunction with high-efficiency soap and water systems work by creating an action that forces clothes to rub against each other to remove soil. Don’t let the low water levels fool you, this cleaning action is very thorough and efficient. By using high-efficiency detergent you can get great cleaning and lower your consumption of water, energy and of course soap with each load you do.

In order to keep up with the changes in the linen and garment worlds and the demands today to lower each of our carbon footprints, manufacturers have been challenged to stay on task. With cleaning performance, energy efficiency, capacity, and convenience being roughly equal, the choice is yours, the choice of the appliance in your laundry room will boil down to personal preference and confidence.

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