Medicine Hat Medical Cosmetics Expert – Dr. Burger

Medical-Grade Vitamin Infusions for Skin



ost people concerned with the appearance of their skin, are aware of the role that vitamins play in skin health. Vitamins A and C are the main antioxidants, used to fight the damage to our skin caused by UV exposure and pollution.

Healthy youthful skin has a specific structure with blood vessels at the base like a safety net, which transports oxygen and nutrients to our skin. On top of this vascular network sits Melanocytes that produce pigment to protect our bodies against UV damage. A scaffolding-type structure is in place above the blood vessel network and allows hair follicles, nerves and other structures to be suspended in our skin.

This structure is maintained by vitamins in the skin (food for the skin). When our skin is exposed to UV (over decades of life, or in sudden bursts eg tanning) free radicals are set free which breaks down the skin structure – the scaffolding collapses. This means our skin gets thinner, the structures normally suspending the scaffolding are now bent and crushed (think collapsed building). This means the normal delivery system of nutrients to our skin is damaged and even tough we might have a healthy diet and not have a lot of UV exposure, the damaged skin is not able to get these nutrients where it needs to go – this is how our skin ‘ages’. It becomes thin, irregular in texture, and pigmentation because the normal strucure is damaged. Trying to compensate for the damage, the body grows tiny little blood vessels into the collapsed structure – we see this as rosacea/tiny capillaries on the skin surface.

To correct this structure/scaffolding, we need to rebuild the collagen and elastin beams – this can only be done by ‘injury to the skin’. A controlled injury would be a Laser that penetrates into the deep layers of the skin, thus stimulating fibroblasts and platelet secretion in order to grow us new collagen. In this manner, ‘aged looking’ skin is made more youthful – we regain the youthful structure. This is why collagen cannot be sold in a bottle/cream/lotion/topical product. It is a live fiber that grows in response to an injury to the skin.

At Hummingbird Medi Spa we provide Medical Infusion of Vitamins to feed the skin. Using low frequency (audible) Ultrasound waves and then Galvanic Iontophoresis, we can penetrate 4 weeks worth of medical grade vitamins A & C into the skin. It is a painless procedure that has no ’down time’ – no need to hide because your face is red. Results are instantly visible because the skin structure is pumped full of vitamins during the process.

We also use these Vitamin Infusions as preparation for any laser treatments done on the face (it can be done on the body too). Skin that is nutrient depleted, cannot grow us anything even if it is correctly lasered – you cannot perform at your best if you did not get lunch; your skin cannot produce collagen at its optimum if it is nutrient depleted either. These Medical Infusions have been done for decades and have consistently proven their benefits