Medicine Hat Wine Expert – Whitney Kerner


Clase Azul

The essence of Clase Azul is inspired by a mission to reveal and rediscover a deeper appreciaton for the beauty of Mexican Traditions.

100% authentic from the tequila to the unique handmade bottles. In a small town named, Santa Maria Canchesda, over 100 Mexican Artisans spend their days handcrafting each bottle, one at a time! No two are the same.


Clase Azul


Clasa Azul Plata is an ultra-premium tequila made from Tequilana Weber Blue Agaves – The Silver tequila offers a surprising hint of sweetness and completely smooth flavor profile that makes it perfect to drink neat or in premium cocktails.

Tasting Notes :

COLOR –  Silver Tequila, Clear

BODY    –  Full of body, but not too strong

AROMA –  Herbal &

Citric notes, very smooth

TASTE   –  Very big mouth-feel and long, often sweet aftertaste